The Need for a Novel Approach .... Necessity fosters Innovation

If you were among a group of dentists and you asked about some of the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis, one recurring theme would likely be the substantial cost of purchasing dental supplies and the implications of such costs on their practice overhead, and ultimately the bottom line.  Practice management can be time-consuming, costly, and truthfully is something that graduating dentists have been ill-prepared for. Among the myriad of responsibilities that come along with owning and managing a successful dental practice, the area of dental supplies clearly needs more attention.  There is a need for a solution that will empower the practitioner to make facile, efficient, cost-effective decisions.

At, we feel that while cost management is one facet of the dental supply dilemma, other issues include the lack of an ability to to compare prices for a similar product across different vendors, as well as, a need to rely on traditional vendor-customer relationships between a dentist and a product sales representative. Purchasing supplies should be easy, intuitive, cost-effective, and efficient. continues to work hard on an innovative product that will empower dental practitioners and their office staff to order dental supplies effortlessly, save money and once again dedicate more time for doing what they strive to do - provide the best patient care possible. We will begin beta-testing in the early new year and plan to launch to the public in Q1 2014!