The Medium is the Message

If you are reading this blog, chances are you grew up during a period when print was the predominant social medium in your world. From newspapers and magazines, to department store catalogs and paper bills via the mail .... print was it.  As  Marshall McLuhan famously quoted, "the medium is the message."  Well, one thing is clear - the medium, whether we have consciously acknowledged it or not,  has changed and will continue to evolve and refine itself over time.  Over the last twenty years, the advent of personal computers followed by the internet, along with the the subsequent integration of these technologies with the marketplace across all industries has changed the way we interact with the world. The  message has taken on a new form albeit a familiar meaning. 

Now take a look at the picture below.  How do you interact with the dental marketplace? How do you make sure your dental practice runs cost-effectively and provides the best patient care possible?  If you look closely at the picture, the date is November 16 ...... Its time to order some dental supplies and the question is, how will you order your supplies and where is the dental industry today? Are we operating in the print era or are we taking advantage of the real time, efficient, and dynamic medium which is the internet? Whether on a personal computer, tablet, mobile platform or the cloud, the internet is everywhere. Full Stop.

As dentists, have we caught up? Are we operating in 1993 or 2013?  Where would you rather be today?