Dentistry in the Digital Age

The dental industry as a whole is an ever changing entity that needs to continue its growth and progress forward with the times. Recent industry reports have captured some interesting statistics and trends that explore some of these shifts. We’ve scoured the report and highlighted some of the things we found interesting. Enjoy!

  • 74.5% of industry revenue is made up of the 20-64 age demographic

  • 50% of Canadian dentists have a website for their practice

  • 78.5% of dentists have Internet at their front desk

  • 95.4% of dentists have Internet somewhere in their office, out of which 54.3% have used the Internet to purchase dental supplies

Top 3 most valuable aspects of the Internet in a practice:

  1. Seek Product Information
  2. Seek Clinical Information
  3. Ordering Dental Supplies

The largest increase in ordering method anticipated over the next 2 years is Online Ordering!

The Internet continues to change the way we do business, making many aspects faster, easier and more efficient. The dental industry is no different as we are seeing the need to adapt with technology and move our practices forward.