ODA Annual Spring Meeting 14'

The ODA Annual Spring Meeting (ASM) recently concluded and the Sowingo team was out in full force! We were very pleased to see how many of the attendees shared the same enthusiasm for the Sowingo product as we did. The amount of support we received was unparalleled. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting all the dentists, their staff, and vendors from Ontario, and even some from other provinces!

The reception was overwhelmingly positive and the common notion was that ALL dentists could benefit from a product like Sowingo, especially since it's FREE!

Moving forward, we listened carefully to your feedback and we will be extending exclusive invites to all new registrants from the ASM very shortly.  We anticipate inviting approximately 5 new dentists each week. Therefore, If you signed up with us at the ASM, please keep an eye out for our Exclusive Invitation to our Closed Beta Version in the coming weeks!

Sowingo would also like to extend a big Thank You to Wayne @ The Bottom Line where we held our social event on May 8th. Everyone had a blast and it was great to relax after a long day on the floor!

Stay tuned for more...

The Sowingo Team