Must Read: An honest dental practice review by Sowingo Founder

As with anything in life, there are many aspects of dentistry that we love, and others that we loathe. Not all practitioners are the same, but I’ve found it to be the consensus that managing our supplies is near the top of one of those lists.

Recently, Sowingo's founder, Dr. Paul Bhatti, wrote an article for a newsletter. It's an honest review of dental supply ordering and management he experiences himself. More troubling is the fact that this is also the experience suffered by the vast majority of dental professionals he speaks with on a regular basis. The problems faced were becoming very time-consuming and frustrating, which led Dr. Bhatti to personally tackle the problem head-on and create a reliable, easy, and FREE solution. The entirety of the article can be found here:

This is a MUST READ article for all dental professionals and their staff!