From Alpha, to Beta, to ... Sowingo has Launched!

Since the conception of THE idea for a comprehensive online platform for purchasing and organizing dental supplies in 2012, the Sowingo team has grown from this one idea to a team comprised of several individuals with dental, medical, information technology, finance, and innovation related expertise.  With the guidance and vision of Dr. Paul Bhatti, our diverse team has innovated and created the platform we offer to you today!  The story of Sowingo has been illustrated for you below …. … .. .

Sowingo Story

Using our introspective lenses, the journey till now has been incredible, insightful, and full of learning opportunities, wherein the platform we now offer is something we are extremely proud to display! Sowingo has launched and dentists all across Canada have access to the inventory management and supply ordering tools that we have created. With this in mind, we also realize that the Sowingo journey is only beginning. 

The platform will continue to grow and we will continue to respond to the dynamic needs of practitioners and vendors. Sowingo has been created for dentists by dentists - by working together with all of our stakeholders, we hope to transform the dental supply landscape, help practitioners save money and spend time what they love doing the most – taking care of patients!