Sowingo’s Cloud Based Platform for Managing a Successful Dental Practice


Running a dental practice can be challenging.  Particularly when it comes to inventory. Just think of the current process you have in place to track your dental supplies and instruments. How much time and money are you  spending? Is there a better way?

Here are 6 quick efficient time savers that our cloud based inventory management system can bring to your practice.


  1. Inventory Management: Sowingo’s cloud based software allows you to manage your dental supplies in a quick and efficient way.  Know your exact inventory levels , value and location at the touch of your fingers.

  2. Marketplace: Compare prices and purchase your favorite dental supplies. Alternatively, create a unique purchase order for your favorite vendor.

  3. Sterilization Compliance: Record and store sterilization records as per the RCDSO guidelines.  Simply select your particular sterilizer and you are ready to record!

  4. Product Safety Sheets: Save and store mandatory Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all WHMIS controlled products.  Present them instantly during inspections by simply logging in!

  5. Financial Reports (in progress!): Sowingo reports will provide robust reporting on your dental supplies and help you manage your small business while you manage patients! Know the value of your dental supply inventory at the touch of  your fingers in unfortunate incidents like lost, theft or fire damage.  Alternatively, increase your office valuation by having an accurate assessment of the value of dental supplies being sold.

  6. Automatic Reordering (coming soon): At Sowingo we are committed to research and development of new features so that your time can be dedicated to patient care.

Let us know what you think. Email us at  to tell us how we can improve your inventory management and dental supplies needs.