Thinking of Going Paperless in your Dental Office?

Converting an existing dental office to a paperless one can be a challenging feat at the best of times.  The thought of hundreds of existing patient charts requiring transfer into one of the many software programs on the market would make anybody hesitant. In addition to costly software, you will likely need multiple computers, routers, hard drives ….etc.  Oh and don’t forget the IT guy to set it all up! 

At Sowingo we understand your concerns as we are dentists as well!   As a result we have designed revolutionary software that encompasses a dental inventory management system and marketplace to shop for dental supplies from your favorite vendors.  Sowingo can save you more than 5,000 dollars a year and increase your practice valuation at the same time.    

Unlike other intimidating dental software programs and implementation, Sowingo only requires 3 things: 

1. Computer
2. Internet connection
3. A Sowingo Account that takes seconds to create

To learn more, check out our features page.  To sign-up click here