Sowingo Testimonial

Sowingo’s inventory management software and dental marketplace has become a staple in many dental offices across Canada.  Dentists and office managers finally have a solution to manage their dental supplies that will translate to thousands of dollars in savings a year.  

Here is what our colleagues are saying:

“I've been using Sowingo for over a year now, and hands down it’s the easiest ordering system to manoeuvre!  I enjoy their fresh innovative thinking and their quick response to any questions I may have!”
- Dana H., Dental Assistant Toronto, ON
"The organization with Sowingo has really cut back on the time and stress spent on ordering and price comparison." 
- Krystina M., Dental Assistant St. Catharines, ON
"Sowingo has been such a wonderful tool at our office! It has saved the clinical team a tremendous amount of time when placing our orders. And it has been a great reference for our office manager to keep an eye out on our monthly budgets.”
- Maria A., Dental Assistant Woodbridge, ON
Sowingo's inventory management program has been a tremendous addition to my practice. It has allowed me to take control of my inventory, cut down on over ordering, eliminate product waste due to expired inventory and simplified my ordering and tracking. I now also have the ability to track how much money I have tied up in sundries.”
- Dr. C. Blair, DDS Burlington, ON
“Not only does Sowingo offer high quality products, but having such a user friendly website makes accessing and ordering the products much easier. Sowingo’s customer service is amazing. They always reply in a very timely manner and will address all concerns that you have. If there is a product that you want and it is not offered on the Marketplace, they will try to get it for you, or offer suggestions for alternative products.”
-Dr H. Gill, DDS Brampton, ON
“Sowingo has become a key tool in my two offices. It’s replaced all 6 of my inventory Excel sheets! Implementation was a breeze with Sowingo’s clean design and ease of use.”
- Dr. D. Bhambra, DDS Markham, ON
“I would definitely recommend Sowingo as it helps me organize all our supplies and saves me a lot of time doing inventory. The website itself is very helpful in terms of ordering, organizing and reminding us what do we need in the office - the Sowingo team is so great and helpful.”
- Denielle F., Dental Assistant Toronto, ON
“Sowingo is an amazing tool for our clinic. It allows our clinical team to successfully manage inventory and allows me as the office manager to stay within budget. It has proven to be completely user friendly and will continue to be a great asset to our practice. 
- Tracy B., Office Manager Mississauga, ON
“Sowingo is organized and easy to navigate – it’s made ordering products easy and affordable.”
- Emily D., Dental Assistant Brampton, ON
“Sowingo has made ordering supplies at my office very easy. Everything is organized and easy to find and makes managing inventory a lot easier than other conventional methods. “
- Nicole K., Dental Assistant Brampton, ON
“Keeping track of my sterilizations records has never been easier. The early warnings of low inventory level is a great help in keeping my office running smoothly.”
- Sam S., Dental Assistant Brampton, ON
“The fact that I can sign in to Sowingo anytime and know exactly how many supplies I have and the total dollar value – it’s just amazing”
- Dr. R. Palta, DDS Thompson, MB
"My staff is spending less time counting and ordering supplies, and really love how easy the Sowingo website is to use.  The weekly emails I receive are a great overview of our spending. It's so nice to have access to information I never thought was attainable."
- Dr. P. Ghai, DDS Mississauga, ON
“Having a large dental practice like ours - it was impossible to maintain our inventory manually. Sowingo allows us to log our inventory in and out like a check out system. We had a great success this year after using Sowingo; no products were thrown out due to expiry.
I would highly recommend Sowingo to any business - their customer service is exceptional.”
- Karene B. Sq. 1 Dental Mississauga

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