Protecting Your Investment

The average dental office spends approximately $ 85,000 in dental supplies a year.  This number can be significantly higher in larger offices where multiple associates work or dental offices that place dental implants etc.  Some dentists may have a general idea of their yearly spending on dental supplies but unfortunately most are too busy to reconcile all their invoices from the various suppliers. Moreover, most dentists don’t know what they actually have in their inventory let alone the value of their dental supplies.   

Dental supplies are an unavoidable cost involved in owning or managing a dental practice.  It can also be seen as an investment in providing good patient care. Due to the high monetary value of dental supplies and dental inventory kept in the office, every dental office should have an inventory management software. 

Sowingo’s unique inventory management software allows the dentist to view exactly what dental supplies are in stock and the value of those dental supplies from the touch of their fingers!  This can be a lifesaver in insurance cases such as theft or fire damage as well as practice sales to make sure you are getting your investment back.  

Visit our Features Page to learn more about Sowingo’s inventory management software which can protect your office while also saving you thousands of dollars a year!