Sowingo: Helping Improve Efficiency While You Save Money!

Sowingo’s Dental Inventory Managementplatform combined with the Sowingo Marketplace allows dentists to focus more on patient care and less on tedious ordering and management of dental supplies.


How can Sowingo save you money ?

1.     No more expired dental supplies: Sowingo alerts will allow you to choose the oldest dental supplies prior to new ones

2.     No more last minute ordering of supplies with costly surcharges : Sowingo alerts you ahead of time based on your personal setting  of min. and max. levels

3.     No over-ordering or duplicate orders: Real time inventory levels at the tip of your fingers

4.     Marketplace Cost comparison: Compare prices on your favorite products

5.     Sowingo Reporting :  With sowingo reports, ensure you are not paying more than previous purchases for the same products

6.     Get what you pay for : Sowingo Purchase Orders allow you track dental supplies not purchased from the Sowingo Marketplace


How can Sowingo improve your office efficiency by saving you Time ?


1.     No more time spent searching through random websites and dental supply manuals to order your favorite supplies : Simply purchase dental supplies through Sowingo’s Marketplace with our cost comparision feature . Alternatively, create a purchase order for your favorite vendors and this information will be saved under your Sowingo account for future orders.

2.     Know exactly where dental supplies are located: Sowingo allows you to personalize locations so that your assistant can locate what you need , when you need it!

3.     Sowingo’s simple to use software allows any new dental assistant /office manager/dental associate integrate into their new office effortlessly : Simply create an account in seconds and have the same access to current inventory , locations etc. as the rest of the team .  This can be invaluable when training new staff !


Let Sowingo manage your dental supplies while you manage what’s really important …. Patients !