How to Control Inventory in 3 easy steps

This weeks blog reviews a wikiHow on inventory control. The wiki breaks Inventory Control into  3 steps. Each step includes an action item list. There is the added bonus of some the excellent illustrations! Below is a quick summary of the steps and the action list.

Step 1: Assessing Your Inventory

  • Understand the goals of any inventory control system
  • Invest in inventory management software.
  • Create clear labels
  • Perform an initial count of your inventory stock.

Step 2:  Updating Your Inventory

  • Manually update your inventory.
  • Store the updated documents in an organized manner.
  • Advance to a point-of-sale (POS) inventory management method once your business size grows big enough to need a more sophisticated form of inventory control.

Step 3: Maintaining the Right Level of Inventory

  • Analyze sales data
  • Decide how much stock to order and keep
  • Consider order and delivery times
  • Choose a re-order point
  • Consider using an outside inventory management agency

What the above demonstrates is that inventory control is no easy task for any business.  Sowingo can help with many aspects, from creating labels to real-time tracking, and data analysis to help your dental office understand its inventory cycle.

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