Sowingo - 5 key Features

Managing the operations of a dental practice is challenging. For any business, the key to delivering excellent customer service is having strong operations in place. Inventory pillar of operations and most practices spend countless hour both in human capital and investment to manage this.

That is where  Sowingo can help. We develop a cloud base solution that will help your dental practice manage its inventory, allowing you to focus on patients.  We do this by focusing  on the following in 5 areas:

  1. Inventory Management: All of your office inventory online, in one place. Keep track of everything including how many products you have on hand, and individual expiration dates. Know exactly where all of your supplies are kept, and be alerted when you are running low.

  2. Marketplace: Order your favorite brands from our easy to use online marketplace. Receive updates and tracking information as your order moves through the shipping process so you never miss a package.

  3. Reports & Analytics: Data is powerful. Equip yourself with detailed reports based on your supplies consumption and spending. Know where your money is going now to better predict when and where you’ll spend it in the future. Receive insightful analytics directly to your inbox to help your team prepare for the upcoming weeks and months in your practice.

  4. Purchase Orders: We know you’ll also shop elsewhere, and that’s okay with us. You can still track all of those shipments and have an easy way to update your inventory as the products arrive at your door. Keep tabs on all of your orders in one place to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

  5. Offices & Users: Own multiple practices? No problem - you can keep track of each individual practice with one Sowingo account. Easily toggle between your offices to manage your inventory separately. You’re in this together. Working as a team will help lighten everyone’s workload and keep your practice organized. Invite each member of your staff to use Sowingo - they’ll just need an email address to get started

Our cloud-based inventory management system puts your office in control.  If you are not already a user try us today. No credit card information needed, no commitment. Click Sign-up to register an account. Note, our Marketplace account is free, this is just an added bonus.

What to learn more: View our features page or Click here to view a video that provides a quick overview of Sowingo

If you have any questions or suggestions contact us at or 1 (888) 997-3133. We are always here to help with your office's inventory management needs.