3 Methods for Inventory Control

As business owners, we all understand the challenge of managing one of our largest assets - inventory.  As stated in an earlier blog post, the average dental office spends approximately $ 85,000 in dental supplies a year. This number only grows for larger offices.  What oversight is in place to help manage this asset?

Here are 3 methods for inventory control that can help your dental practice be more efficient and profitable.

Method 1- Minimum stock levels:  With this control in place your practice will never fall short of essential dental supplies.  By setting this rule in place, your staff will know when to order and how much to replenish supplies by, thus avoiding over and understocking.

Method 2- Taking Stock: Understanding what you have and where is essential in making good purchasing decisions.  Have a designated areas for storage and implementing a system within your office that will help keep track of these items is essential for good inventory control.

Method 3 - Inventory Cost: When it comes to managing inventory it is important to know, how much you spent, frequency and your key suppliers. This knowledge will help you plan your purchasing times and negotiate better pricing.

These simple methods can help increase the effectiveness of the operation of your clinic.  Sowingo’s inventory management system has these features and more.  Our cloud-based inventory management system puts your office in control.  

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