Purchase Order Overview

At Sowingo our mission is to help your dental office manage your inventory efficiently to help you save time and money. Part of inventory management is purchasing.  This week’s blog provides an overview of our Purchase Order process, that we have created to help you track your dental supplies in a more efficient manner.

What is a Purchase Order?

  • A Purchase Order (or a “PO”) is an itemized list of products that you’ve ordered (or will be ordering) from a supplier.
  • It is a record of what you’ve agreed to buy and expect to arrive at your office. Creating POs on Sowingo will help you stay on top of your orders and keep your inventory up to date.
  • Creating a Purchase Order on Sowingo is easy. To create a new PO, just select products from your inventory and indicate the quantity you wish to purchase. From there you can email your order directly to your sales rep for a seamless ordering experience.

So I’ve created my order and sent it to my rep, now what?

  • Once you receive a shipment from your supplier, open up your Purchase Order on Sowingo. From here you can indicate how many have arrived at your door, and how many are back ordered.
  • Any products that you’ve marked as “received” will be automatically added to your inventory. When your back ordered products finally arrive, you can mark them as “received” at that time.

What else can I do with POs?

  • You can review all past Purchase Orders and easily “Duplicate” a PO for easy re-ordering.
  • Duplicating will make a copy of an existing PO where you can change quantities and even add or remove products to create a new, but similar order.
  • Sowingo’s new Purchase Order system is an organized and efficient way to keep track of your orders and is designed to save you tons of time and effort.

Feel free to contact us to learn more at support@sowingo.com or 1 (888) 997-3133

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