Inventory management

Inventory management is the life force of any dental clinic. Keeping the right levels of inventory ensures that you minimize cost  while maximizing profit. Good inventory management involves having supplies to meet demand, but not excessive amounts that lead to wastage, and therefore a decline in profitability.

Many dental clinics don’t manage their inventory efficiently. In fact, while setting up Sowingo (Inventory Management Software) for clinics, we have seen cases of unknown quantities of dental supplies being found.

A good inventory management system would be able to tell you on the fly your current levels and your usage. Many systems or protocols clinics have in place cannot accomplish this, which leads to wastage.  As stated in our December 6, 2016 blog (“PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT”) the average dental office spends approximately $85,000 in dental supplies a year.  Are you able to tell for your practice, what percentage of this get misplaced, expires, or you simply have order too much of?

To run and efficient clinic you need to manage your inventory. Sowingo’s cloud base inventory management systems can assist you.

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