Sowingo Marketplace - Miele Professional

At Sowingo our goal is to help you manage your inventory efficiently to save your dental practice, time and money.  Part of the inventory life cycle is purchasing. In today’s blog we want to highlight our  Marketplace and one of vendors  Miele Professional. The following outlines how to access/view Miele dental products available through the Sowingo  Marketplace.

To view dental supplies listed on our marketplace

Step 1: Go to the Sowingo website

Step 2: Click on the Marketplace link in the top righthand corner

Step 3: Once on the Marketplace page, click on the Suppliers drop down menu to view different suppliers hosted on the Sowingo Marketplace.

The image below illustrates, the list of different suppliers hosted on the Sowingo Marketplace.

Step 4: Select Miele Professional to see the list of dental products available through Sowingo.  

It is important to remember that our Marketplace accounts are free to all users. That means you can access and purchase supplies from us without having to pay a subscription fee. If you are interested in exploring click here to register today.