How to setup your office on Sowingo

Inventory management is a challenge in any business and one that any dental office can a testify to.  Our mission at Sowingo has always been to empower medical practices to manage their inventory effectively, to increase efficiency and decrease waste.

A common question from new users is “Where do I begin?”

Our Sowingo team have created fantastic tutorials to help.  This blog will provide a quick overview on how to access these tutorials.

Accessing Tutorials:

Step 1: Log into your Sowingo account. Don’t have an account. No problem. Just click the “Register” button from the main page. In few clicks, you will have a trial account. No credit card required! Click here to register today.

Step 2:  Once logged in click the “question mark” or “? in the top right-hand corner 

Step 3: From here you can click “Getting started”.

Here you will find step by step guides to get your dental practice set up.

If you need some help, Sowingo does provide a service in which our team will come out and assist on the office set up. Feel free to contact us to learn more.  Email us at:

Want to learn more about our cloud base inventory management system. Click here to check our features page.