Change Management

Implementing a new process to your dental practice can be challenging.  After all your office has a rhythm and disrupting that rhythm leads to poor productivity, which can often mean what you are trying to change would fail.

At Sowingo we understand this. After the initial excitement of implementing  a new software into your clinic which would help you manage your dental supplies that driving questions are:

  1. Where do I begin?  

  2. How do I ensure success?

The  “Where do I begin” question has been explored in a previous post. See ‘“How-to-setup-your-office-on-sowingo”.

In today's post, we will explore the change management aspect of inventory management, and how you can ensure that Sowingo is successfully implemented in your office.  

Change management perspective.

1. Remember your motivation: Remember that changing over from a manual inventory management process to an automated one will save you time and money.  Understanding your cost and usage is essential to running an efficient practice. It can help you determine your inventory needs, saving you from costly last minute inventory purchases. Sowingo can provide you at a click of a button your inventory status (cost and usage), location, supply spend breakdown; all empowering you to make quick decisions. See post Protecting-your-investment for more detail

2. Understand the current process:  The best way to quickly change a process is to understand it. Review how your inventory is check, who does the purchasing, and when does purchasing occur. This is a quick way to gain insight into how your practice is run.

Implement small changes into the process such that it will not disturb the current rhythm,  but help move your practice forward to a new system.

For example, if your team is heavily reliant on a paper base check out system, use Purchase Order within Sowingo to help facilitate the change. Click “Purchase-order-overview” to learn more.

Alternatively, if checks are recorded as they are done, you can introduce your team to our app Sowingo-QR, which allows users in real time to add and remove inventory.

Understanding the process and where to implement small changes that will lead to big impact is key for success.

3. Identify a champion: This is the most important step. If you want success within your clinical it is essential that you identify one person with our practice to lead the change. By empowering this person, the transformation would be successful.

Hopefully, we have provided you with some insight into how to facilitate change within your practice.

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