Top 3 Challenges for Inventory Management

Inventory management is difficult for any business, and for dental clinics this is no exception.  After spending $85K plus a year on dental supplies, are you able to determine if it is used efficiently, and in turn allowing your practice to be profitable?

3 common challenges that will impede profitability include:

  1. Transparency into inventory levels: Having insight into your inventory levels will help your clinic understand, what you have on hand, and what you need to order. Having this knowledge allows you to control your purchasing, and thus spend optimally on supplies.

  2. Understanding of usage: Usage can be difficult to track. Being able to tie this information back to procedures, would help provide insight into what you spend on different types of procedures.  It will also help your practice detect fraudulent activities and overstocking.

  3. Understanding of cost: Having a clear understanding, of what supplies you purchase, frequency, from which supplier, and the volume of the purchase, provides clinic with the ability to better understand who, and what they spend on. This information provides insight into pricing from suppliers.

At Sowingo our mission is to empower medical practices to manage their inventory effectively, to increase efficiency and decrease waste. Inventory management is key!

Our inventory management software is designed to address the above challenges.  Our Dashboard provides transparency into inventory levels, to what supplies are running low to what will expire soon.

Our Reports provide insight into supplier information, from total spent to Amount Spent Per Supplier.

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