Real-Time Inventory Management

Over the last year, our blog posts have explored the importance of inventory management and the role it plays in having a profitable dental clinic. But what is the industry saying? A May 2017 article in  Supply Chain Brief explores the importance of “Real-Time Inventory Management” as it applies to other businesses.  The article explores   “5 Ways Advanced Computer Analytics Will Transform Traditional Inventory Management”.  It is definitely worth the read and we encourage our followers to review.

In the end, you should be asking “How does this apply to your dental clinic?” Simply put, having real-time data on your inventory levels and the pricing of items will allow you to control how and when you spend, ensuring that there is no supply wasted in your practice.

 Sowingo's cloud-based inventory management system provides you updated access on your supplies, how much you spend and with which suppliers. Leverage this data to convert insight into action, creating a more profitable practice.

As always, we end this blog by encouraging you to begin transforming your practice by signing up today for a free trial. Remember, no credit card is required for trial accounts.  

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