5 Must have features of an Inventory Management Software

One of the most integral parts of running a successful clinic is inventory management.  

Ensuring that you have the right products available at the right time is essential to delivering satisfaction to your clients.  How often do you run low on essential items leading to rush orders? Did you pay the best price for them? Or do you know if your clinic is losing money due to overstocking?  

Having a solid inventory management system in your office will solve this problem, saving your dental practice time and money. Here are 5 features that a good inventory system should have in place:

  1. Track inventory in real time (location and usage)

  2. Analytics capabilities e.g. forecasting supply and demand

  3. Provide alerts when supplies are running low or about to expire

  4. Prevent overstock and understock of supplies (optimize spend)

  5. Allow for the scanning of items

At Sowingo, our mission is to help you manage your dental practice effectively through the intervention of inventory management.  Our software accomplishes all of the above.   

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