Innovations by Sowingo - QR Scanning

When it comes to managing inventory, creating efficiency within your dental practice can be challenging. After all, your office has to deal with multiple vendors, and track the cost, location, and usage of your dental supplies.  Truly a daunting task.

Some clinics do an inventory count bi-weekly to once a month. This provides a good status of your inventory levels that is a good representation until the start of the next business day.

At Sowingo, we challenge the traditional way inventory is managed. We know that having an understanding of what dental supplies cost, usage patterns and quantity is essential to running a profitable dental practice.  Aside from our cloud-based inventory management system, we have developed a QR scanning app that will allow our users to add and/or remove inventory at the touch of a button.  It is that simple!  To learn more click here.  

Download the app today and give it a try. Click here to download.

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If you have any questions or suggestions contact us at or 1 (888) 997-3133. We are always here to help with your office's inventory management needs.