Sowingo Marketplace

An essential factor in inventory management is understanding the cost of an item. When we set out to develop an inventory management system for clinics, the goal was to help dentists understand the cost of their inventory in relation to the different services they provide. Our software provides insights into how much is spent which each vendor, allowing for more transparency into your dental practice supply needs.

What naturally evolved over time was the development of the Sowingo Marketplace.  Here, suppliers have the ability to list their products, and provide a discount on items. All our suppliers are listed below. Click the names to see the different products available on the Sowingo marketplace.

  1. Advantech Sterilizers

  2. Bisco Canada

  3. Call-Dent

  4. Dental-Mart Sales Inc

  5. First Service Dental Supply

  6. Germiphene

  7. Hiossen

  8. McArthur Medical Sales

  9. MDV Supplies Corp.

  10. Miele Professional

  11. Mimountino Designs

  12. ProNorth Solutions Inc.

  13. Sintco Instruments Co.

  14. Sowingo

  15. Surgically Clean Air

  16. XEDental

As we developed the software, we felt it was important for our users to have insight into what the Sowingo Marketplace has to offer and at what price. As such, our Marketplace is completely free to all Sowingo users. That is, even if you opt out of the inventory management module, you can still have unlimited and free access to the Marketplace.

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