Taking Control of your inventory

A core element of running any business is inventory. It is the materials, tools, and supplies used in the day to day operations of running a dental practice. Given the amount of money a practice will spend on dental supplies per year, it is important to understand:

  1. What you have?

  2. How many supplies are in stock?

  3. How much you paid (cost)?

  4. Who did you last buy it from?

  5. Where is it located?

Understanding these five simple dimensions to inventory management can help you run your practice more efficiently by giving you control of when you buy items and who you buy them from. No longer will there be any last minute rush orders, ensuring your practice never runs low on supplies. Putting your practice in control of its inventory is a key step to cost saving.

Our goal at Sowingo is the help with this process. Our cloud base inventory management system allows you and your team to manage your inventory in real time. Add/remove supplies at the swipe of a button, or simply by scanning the barcode. Look at your stats to understand when you are going to run low on supplies, and who you last ordered from. Use this information to select the best time to restock. An added benefit is that you will never over stock and will know at a glance what you have and where you have it.

Check out our features page to learn more or click here to view a video that provides a quick overview of Sowingo. Or sign-up for a free trial. No credit card information needed, no commitment.  

Empower your practice today with Sowingo, we will help manage your inventory over its life cycle, making your dental practice more profitable.