3 Benefits of Cloud Base Inventory Management

In healthcare, when it comes to technology we are slow to change. How many of us still use packaged software? You know the type that requires a CD or a download in order to be installed. Imagine the nightmare when it comes to buying a new computer for the office. How much time and effort will be needed install all the packages you need to run your dental practice? Never fun!

But why are you still using package software?  The internet has brought us many joys. Just think about Netflix. From your coach (really anywhere you please) you can watch what you want when you want. No longer do you need to run down Blockbuster to pick a movie or worry about late returns.

That is the beauty of cloud computing! Here as Sowingo we developed our inventory management system as a cloud-based solution. Here are 3 advantages:  

  1. Work from anywhere: Check the status of your dental supplies from your phone. From the comfort of your home know when you need to re-order. Know the value of goods on hand, and understand what you need to spend to replenish your medical supplies.

  2. Disaster recovery: No need for CD backups. Sowingo’s remote servers ensure your data is backed-up and accessible when you need it. Best of all it is secured.

  3. Automatic software updates: This is the key advantage of cloud computing. When there is a new release you have it! No need to worry about a new install, or system compatibility (MacOS or Windows). All you need to do is log on and enjoy.

Our cloud-based inventory management system puts your office in control.  

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