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Top 5 Secrets for Finding Savings in your Dental Practices


As a dentist, you are always committed to your patients’ health and wellbeing, but as a business owner, you also know that the bottom line is you need to earn revenue, pay your staff, and grow your dental practice.

Some of the best ways to save money can serve a dual purpose, in that they also help you run more efficiently! Here are our top five secret tricks to get your company started in saving money in the dental industry.

1. Conduct a Time Study Strategy

Saving time is equal to saving money. Knowing how long a certain dental procedures should take will help everyone and your clients stick to a time budget, which in turn makes your office more productive and cost efficient.

2. Watch Your Work Hours

It sometimes can be easy for dental offices and their staff to slip into overtime hours. After seeing emergency patients or not running on time, you’re paying your dental team extra because you can’t afford to not have them there with you. Consider revising your schedule to prevent costly unnecessary budget overages.

3. Eliminate Dental Product Wastefulness

Being thrifty doesn’t make you cheap, however it does help you use things in a way that makes you a better steward with your dental business. For example, if you notice that an over excess impression materials or dental cements are being discarded during appointments, it may then be wise to include a “less is more” approach and apply a new policy.

4. Cut Down on Disposables

Cutting down waste between patients isn’t just the right or “green” thing to do; it’s also a smart financial decision that pays off in the long run. The most important element of this strategy is to ensure that you’ve got an excellent infection control system set up with more than adequately trained staff that understand the new dental system put in place.

5. Find a Representative You Like

A great dental supplies rep will help you keep track of your inventory, place supply orders when you need stock, and stay within your budget. They’ll also show you new dental products based on your preferences and office design. It’s also important to get them to incorporate an inventory system for your staff so that organization is simple and easy.

The best part about all this; is that you can start on all of these steps before the week is over!

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