In this week’s blog, we feature an article from the small business section of the Houston Chronicle: Why Is Inventory Control Important?

The article focus on the following four points:

  1. Avoiding Stockouts - Running out of an items, not only cost you money from missed sales, they can also make you lose customers for good
  2. Overstock Hazard - too much of certain items
  3. Working Capital Issues - too much precious cash tied up in operations.
  4. Manufacturer's Angle - run out of an essential ingredient or component, production will halt, which can be extremely costly.

Maintaining an inventory, you might sometimes feel like you're walking a tightrope.

Inventory management is essential to running a profitable clinic. Why should your dental practice be any different? We are Sowingo can help! Our cloud-based inventory management system can help combat all these issues and more, saving the average practice over $8,000 annually. If you want to help grow the dental practice you have created, consider having Sowingo help you with your inventory needs.


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